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Nude women wanted!


FIFTY naked women from Birmingham are sought for a shot at fame by posing nude in the City Centre for the cover photo of a CD single in homage to Jimi Hendrix.

The huge nude photo session will take place at 12.00 Noon on Sunday, September 10th at The Mailbox.

The “grin and bare it” shot will be used as artwork for the CD single Queen Diva by rising band Purplemelon.

Organisers of the cheeky event say they want women of all shapes, sizes, colours and creeds to pose in the photograph.

“It doesn’t matter if the women are fat or thin, gorgeous or plain, giggly or gangly”, said Purplemelon manager Geoff Baker.

“We want to recreate the spirit of Hendrix’s Electric Ladyland album. Jimi’s guitar-playing has influenced the Purplemelon sound and this is a nod to that. We’re going for the Electric Brummieland look”.

Hendrix’s 1968 album Electric Ladyland pictured 20 models posing naked on its sleeve.

“But we want to use ordinary Brummie women, not professional models”, said Baker, “As long as they are aged 18 or above and are prepared to strip for a few seconds, all women are welcome.

“Purplemelon love women and this photo-session is to celebrate the female form. We want women of all cultures to take part. If the girls are shy, they can cover their ‘bits’ with their hands. It will all be in the best possible taste”.

Besides starring on the record sleeve, all those taking part will receive a blow-up print of their big moment and passes to Purplemelon shows at Birmingham’s Barfly club, where the band begins a four-month run on Tuesday September 5th.

All those interested in taking part in the photo shoot should contact Geoff Baker on geoff@splitpigeon.co.uk

PURPLEMELON PIX from Jason Liggitt jay@clientcommunications.co.uk Mob 07855 330 691


The Purplemelon Press Office 0121 327 1007

Geoff Baker 07966 473 919

Gareth Main 07738 226 580


Thank God my wife will be abroad on holiday.

What happened to Geoff Baker's promise that the pictures were for purple melon's cd only (was it)? how come one ended up in the sunday sport - much to our shame (some of us...) my bitchy sisters sent it the family!! And it was nothing like the jimi hendrix album cover! i was at the back and had no idea that the girls were so exposed/exploited! Why did you break promise??

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