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Phew! What a Scorcher! - part three

A commenter takes me to task "Average temperatures can be misleading. Peaks are more interesting.
It is no consolation that average temperatures go down if one day the peak temperature reaches 100DegC, killing everyone above ground.

Good point so off I go to Hottest days record and turn the figures into a spreadsheet:
Download it here.

So since 1900 the hottest day graph, with added trend line in black, looks like this:

Enjoy with a long cool Pimms on the terrace.


Some numbers to complement your graph:

I imported the data from the hottest days website into Mathematica and repeated your linear least squares fit. The best fit had a NEGATIVE slope of 0.002 °C per year and a y-intercept of 32.4 °C. Mean of the data is 32.3 &dec;C with a standard deviation of 2.23. Simply generating Gaussian-distributed random numbers with this mean and standard deviation yields a plot that is essentially indistinguishable from the real data.

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