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Ἂν ἔτι μίαν μάχην νικήσωμεν, ἀπολώλαμεν

BBC NEWS | England | Devon | Huntsman guilty of breaking ban

Tony Wright, 52, denied breaching the Hunting Act, when he led the Exmoor Foxhounds on 29 April last year.
But he was fined £500 at Barnstaple Magistrates' Court in a case brought by the League Against Cruel Sports.
He was the first fox huntsman to be summoned to court for defying the law which came into force last year in England and Wales.
Wright, of Exmoor Kennels, Simonsbath in Somerset, said he would appeal and called the Hunting Act a "stupid and pointless law".
He said he had been trying to comply with the law "as I understood it".
He said: "I might have been found guilty, but I certainly don't feel like a criminal.
"If people were confused by the Hunting Act before today, they will be a lot more confused now."
He added: "I was doing my best to follow the rules as they are written down.
"I had no idea I was doing anything illegal."
Wright said he had stopped the hounds.
District Judge Paul Palmer told Wright: "I understand the difficulty that everyone has with the act coming into force."
The league brought the case at a total cost of more than £100,000 after Avon and Somerset Police declined to take on the case based on the evidence available.
The judge awarded the league £250 towards its costs.

A few more victories like that for the League and they will echo Pyrrhus - "One more such victory and I shall be lost!" (in original Greek above)

Looks like the "Cap" at a meet may have to go up a couple of quid..

Hat tip Bags Rants


The header on this post came up in my newsreader in Greek characters. Thought you'd like to know.

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