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We are from the Government and are here to assist you

Employers face ethnic quotas for public work - Britain - Times Online

COMPANIES that bid for multimillion-pound Government contracts will be rejected if they do not employ enough black and Asian workers, under new proposals seen by The Times. ...

Iqbal Wahhab, a member of the Task Force and the chairman of the Ethnic Minority Advisory Group, a government-backed think-tank, said the plans were moving ahead quickly.

“These new procurement policies are required to assist employers in making more enlightened recruitment decisions,” he said. “It may be unpopular in certain quarters, but the fact remains that we should not have been in this kind of position in the first place.”

Don't you love that weasel word "assist" in there! And of course if you were designing a policy to boost the BNP you could hardly do better. The BNP's core activists are young white working class men - and when they are laid off from plastering the MOD offices so an Asian can do it instead who are they going to vote for? They might even echo Iqbal Wahhab and say "we should not have been in this kind of position in the first place.”


You can tell by my spelling, I'm an American. We have had a difficult time with "affirmative action" rules over here. Quota prgrams do not help level the playing field. They generate resentment on one side and an attitude of entitlement on the other. Of course I would say that since I am a white male Anglo-Saxon protestant.

For a more impartial opinion, suggest you read the articles written by Dr. Thomas Sowell at

Dr. Sowell graduated Harvard University and wrote several successful books before the civil right movement began. He asks how the civil rights generation knew their success was a reflection on their own talents or the result of affirmative action. His comments on politics, education and the economy are also refreshing.

Pass me that BNP application form!

When you reach the point where you really have had enough of this BS what do you do?

It seams that is you are a white, straight, employed, male motorist, you are completely screwed!

Higher taxes, gatso, road charging, positive discrimination, terroists with "Human Rights"

Whan will there be a Common sense party?

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