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No straight answer from a pretty straight sort of guy

Guardian Unlimited | UK Latest | Households could get 'carbon audit'

British households may be given individual carbon audits to encourage them to do more to reduce their own contribution to global warming, Tony Blair has said.

Mr Blair said he had already made an effort to "set an example" by installing low-energy lightbulbs and turning the thermostats down by one degree at 10 Downing Street. Steps have also been taken to ensure that all his travel since April last year has been carbon-neutral.

Yep - Boy Miliband's personal Carbon Cards tracking all our purchases are finding "traction" - nothing is too small or private to escape from Nanny's beady eye. But how is Tony neutralising all his global swanning about? Nothing on the official site that I can find, and Google draws a blank - however we do find this:

Downing Street Says...: Carbon Neutral-energy efficiency

Asked what was being offset, the PMOS replied that we were both reducing our overall emissions by being more energy efficient, and also offsetting the remainder as well.
Asked if that meant planting trees, the PMOS said that he was told that planting tress was the simplistic view of it. People were also investing in energy efficiency in third world countries, for example, too.

Ah the classic Sir Humphrey answer - a straight answer would be too "simplistic" and so just trust us we are doing the right thing. So what exactly is Downing Street doing to offset the CO2 produced by the Blairs and their luggage going to the West Indies?


Don't forget how many trips all over the world this guy has had as well. A couple of lightbulbs and a degree on the central heating in the middle of summer won't cut it.

I want to know what these fuckwits think will happen to all these cars that overnight cost more to tax than they are worth?

Oi! Tony - here's a cheap way for households to do a carbon audit so you won't have to go to Gordon for a handout to pay for it.

Tell households to look at their energy bills. If it big then carbon audit says cut down. If it is small then carbon audit says fuck the planet and go and grab your share.

Then tell them to look at their motor tax renewal (or in the case of Darren from Essex ask the nice man behind the post-office counter what you should pay). If it is a lot more than last year then carbon audit says unless you are a rich cunt get a smaller car before Gordon and the Scottish mafia tax you off the roads and into the bankruptcy court. If it is smaller then get a bigger car and grab your share before oil runs out.

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