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Another "faked" picture?

Hezbollah's most lethal attack of the war kills 12 Israeli soldiers - Newspaper Edition - Times Online


A boot lies on the ground near the cars destroyed when a Katyusha missle landed in the northern Israeli village of Kfar Giladi. The violence intensified yesterday on both sides of the border YOAV LEMMER / AFP / GETTY IMAGES

It seems the papers aren't learning the lesson - this picture is from today's Times - in the paper it is blown up to take up half a page.
It is a boot with smoke curling out of it. The car in the background is no longer alight. The exterior of the boot, as a far as can be seen, has no signs of heat, even the laces haven't burnt. The boot has cleverly landed on two stones to prop itself up at just the right angle. There wouldn't happen to be a cigarette in there would there?
Is it just a staged shot of a prop?
And you can't blame the Hezbollah media manipulators for this one.....

UPDATE - same shoe - different picture this time from Reuters is used on the front page of the Telegraph Online News.
with the caption "Missile victim's shoe"


Come on Mr Castle , somebody has made a nice few quid out of that photo and good luck to him.
Have you paid getty for the use of that photo?
he needs the cash.

Maybe an old soldier can confirm or refute this, but I thought the post detonation smoking boot was an invention of cartoonists not reality.


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