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Teaching Junk Science

This is the whole and only paragraph from Letts "Revise AS& A2 Biology" book about Global Warming. Spot any mistakes? Leaving aside the gases forming a thin layer, look at the maths - 0.035 is obviously larger than 0.1 otherwise they couldn't make the claim that "It is clear that Carbon Dioxide has the greatest overall greenhouse effect."
Don't students and teachers notice this sort of thing, or have they forgotten how to think for themselves?


What are you complaining about?

You've made 2 mistakes:

(i) Numbers still matter in science;
(ii) Words mean what they used to.

Now get modern!!

Best regards

I think the whole thing comes down to the "greenhouse factor value". I have no idea what this actually may be but I'd guess it's some indicator of someone's opinion of how "bad" a particular gas is to the atmosphere and is thus used to weight that gas's "badness" versus its quantity.

Not knowing what this factor is or how it is made up, I couldn't, of course, comment on its validity as a weighting measure. Then again, knowing where most environmental science comes from I have my opinion....


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