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It is easy to recognise bravery in feats of heroism, though sometimes they are hard to distinguish from thought free recklessness. But we often miss the quiet courage shown by those to whom every day is a struggle. This is my eldest daughter who is six today. She was born with mild cerebral palsy and was unable to walk until she was four; she still falls over a lot. Falling over doesn't get any less painful because you do it a lot. She rarely complains but what she wants for her birthday is for her legs to work better - I wish I could give her that gift.


May God Bless your little sweetheart.

I wandered on in from one of the EU Referendum's pages, and cannot leave without wishing your precious bundle a happy (belated) birthday, and to echo your wishes: I, too, would love to give her the same for her birthday, and every day.

Big hug

Happy Birthday to the little un!

Bless her and you and yours.

Big hugs and all best birthday wishes to her!

And she'd better be getting a party with cake later! ;)

Happy Birthday to the Heiress and Best Wishes to you and yours (brilliant blog btw),
Please forgive me for being presumptive but
from personal experience your daughter is doing the best thing to improve ie exercise, exercise and repetitive exercise. The young developing body and brain has an amazing capacity to rewire and relearn. Night splints can help as well. It won't be easy and it will be frustrating at times and it may not be completely successful but then nobody is perfect. Thirty five years on, I prefer to limp a bit when I'm tired but have empathy and humour than be an arrogant sports jock.
Best wishes
PS I still fall over occasionally but blame it on drink (lemonade!)

Happy Birthday and keep on keeping on!!

Puts all in perspective that's for sure

Happy Birthday and it was a sure fab moment to see her join in the races at Sports Day this year, not to mention the excellent performance at the school play - if only we were all that little bit more humble!

I think that comment from the memsahib was directed at me - ho hum!

My older two children were born with mild cerebral palsy. Though it was quite a struggle while they were growing up, I can now look back on all the blessings that they have brought into my life. In some ways even more than my "normal" child.

Happy Birthday (Belated).

Belated birthday greetings to your poppet ... she sounds a real trouper.

That's my brave girl.

Give her a ton of kisses from Uncle Kim and Auntie Connie.

We miss you guys terribly.

She's six? She was just 4!

Such incredible progress in two short years.

Happy (belated) Birthday.

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