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Courage under fire

Telegraph | News | Courage under fire of teenage medic who saved life of sergeant

A teenage medic is in line to become the first female soldier to be decorated for bravery in Iraq after saving her commander's life during a fierce gun battle.
Pte Michelle "Chuck" Norris, 19, who is just 5ft tall, braved heavy sniper fire for three minutes when she climbed on top of a Warrior armoured vehicle to pull her sergeant to safety after he was wounded in the head.
"It was my first casualty since training, which was pretty scary," she said. "On arrival at the scene, we stopped and when I heard 'dings' off the Warrior, I thought it was stones.

"All of a sudden, the driver shouted down to me that my commander had been hit. I didn't know where he'd been shot and how bad it was at this stage.

"So I jumped out the back of the Warrior, climbed up on top of the turret, looked down and saw the extent of his injuries.

"I then heard the crack and a thump of a round going past my head. I was under fire from a sniper. Luckily it just missed me. We managed to cross the turret and get my commander into the back where one of the lads put a sweat rag over him.


Methinks the sergeant also deserves a medal for enduring a troopie's sweatrag being placed over him. That's way beyond the call of duty to my mid :-)

Silliness aside; here's to the lass getting a gong, it sounds like she's earned one.


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