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Early entry for 2006 Press Plagiarist of the Year award?

Personal voicemails that can become all too public - Britain - Times Online

Mobile phone companies are well aware how vulnerable their voicemail messages are to eavesdropping. This is how easily it can be done:
Call a mobile phone when the user is unobtainable
When the voicemail message begins, dial the user’s four-digit security code (for O2 phones dial * then the four figures).
Many users never choose a security code and it is left as a factory setting, typically something obvious such as 1234.

Guy Fawkes' blog yesterday

Guido was aware that for years it was easy to tap into the voicemails of one mobile phone network's customers - when you got put through to their voicemail you just pressed * and typed the default last 4 digits of their phone number as the pin code. Most people never changed the pin number.
..A commenter added ....default PIN codes on their mobiles,
02 = 8705
Orange = 1111
T-Mobile = 1210
Virgin = 7890
Vodafone = 3333

One for Guy Fawkes - 2006 Press Plagiarist of the Year Award?


Shows how little you really know. The default on most mobile networks tends to be that you cannot access voicemeil remotely - unless you've set up a personalised pin.

The default codes don't work and you get a message along the lines of "it is not possible to access your voiemail remotely until you have set up a personalised PIN number. Please access your voicemail settings to set this up'.

Jaundiced views are fine - so long as they're accurate.

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