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Newsnight parrots propaganda

BBC NEWS | Programmes | Newsnight Home | The fall and rise of public services

Newsnight is sending reporters across the globe to seek out "the best public services in the world". The series culminates in a debate with the Institute for Public Policy Research and Policy Exchange (IPPR) on the future of public services in Britian. Here, Nick Pearce from the IPPR looks at the public service picture across the world.

Our public services were written off in the 1980s. Neo-liberals asserted triumphantly that globalisation would force the state to retreat from welfare provision in a race to cuts taxes and stay competitive.
Yet from South America to New Zealand, that fatalism has been decisively rejected. Strong public services provide an essential foundation for decent societies. But they also support dynamic economies, supporting the investments in education, R&D, and healthy populations that make businesses competitive. ...
Britain is well placed to meet these challenges. Its mix of high employment, economic dynamism, public services funded through general taxation, and an active welfare state are strong foundations upon which to build a fairer society.
Over the next month, Newsnight will help us see how we measure up to the best public services in the world.

And remind me again why I have to pay for this crap though I never watch it...


"And remind me again why I have to pay for this crap though I never watch it..."

It's because the alternative is jail. Nbo other channel threatens 30,000 people a month with jail.

And you have to pay for the crap because it's "good" for you, and whether it makes you sick or not, the sick benefit from the marvelous active welfare state healthcare that makes them sick, so its necessary, to be sick because that produces effects of economic dynamism and everybody wants a big Economo-Dynamo in their backyard, whirling around and making sparks of Dynamic stuff...we bought it from the Europeans because they have one and they says its lovely.

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