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More Kennet Council Rubbish

Having popped down my local for a half gallon sharpener before going shooting with Mr FM this evening I discover all is not well. As you may imagine a pub produces a fair amount of glass waste, empty bottles of single malts and Bacardi Breezers seem to dominate - one for the decent chaps and the other for the poppets one dangles from one's knees. But Kennet District Council want several hundred pounds to collect the cullet - and of course it can't be put in the recycling bins as it is commercial waste, even if the Landlady takes it herself to the recycling centre she is risking a £5000 fine so it is going to landfill. Recycling - pah!


Don't talk to me about Kennet DC.

The bastards gave me a parking notice in Marlborough, even though I'd paid for a ticket.

They didn't approve this policy on April 1st by any chance.....?
Just to be sure I've got this right.... a collection of waste that is already sorted and ideal for recycling goes literally to waste because the council insists that it is commercial waste, which they make money on by charging for its removal........? They don't even make the effort to send the recycling lorry around for the glass?
Sounds like the greenies & socialists don't quite have the monopoly on an absence of joined-up thinking......

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