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Easy Rider

Coming out the pub last night I met up with this classic piece of local engineering and ingenuity - I'm glad I wasn't near him when he drove back having had his fill of snakebite....


Some kind of electric powered moped-thing. He got it from the scrapman and decided its not worth spending money on so instead of buying a slim 24v battery for it, he made a basket and sat two regular size 12v car battery's in it.

The throttle is broken, so instead of being able to pull away gently you have to flick a switch, ON or OFF. And its quite front heavy due to the whopping great battery's over the front wheel.

Well done Del Boy, You've done it again. - Oldpigbarn



I can see them catching on round these parts.

I see you stole a pic from my blog.... fair play. It is a beast of an invention.

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