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Another royalty cheque for Guy Fawkes

Guy Fawkes' blog of parliamentary plots, rumours and conspiracy: Think-Tankers on the Take - December 20, 2005

The other suspect practise favoured by those think-tanks close to the government is cash-for-access, IPPR was a master of this wheeze. Never as crude as "give us a donation and we will introduce you to the minister", but effectively that was the implicit deal offered. IPPR boasts of its "strong networks in government" and the flow of wonks to the civil service as special advisers (who later become well paid lobbyists) keeps the corporate cheques coming. IPPR has "partners" not clients. The IPPR pitch is careful, but clear: "partners have regular contact with our research directors to discuss the progress of projects relevant to their sector. Partners have the opportunity to get on the inside track of policy development." You bet they do.

Think tank "sells" access to Whitehall - Sunday Times - Times Online

ONE of Britain's leading think tanks is offering firms privileged access to government policy makers as part of paid-for "sponsorship" programmes.
During an undercover investigation a senior executive with the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) claimed the Blairite organisation was able to provide "the inside track on policy development" from key government figures in return for an annual fee of at least £10,000.


You'd have thought so wouldn't you.

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