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Prif Copyn update

Incoming Englishman Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom has had a fair bit of press with his draconian views on speeding drivers, controlling yobs by handing out lollipops and considering prosecuting Tony Blair for calling some Welsh people bastards - maybe we get a hint of his mindset as he has been draped with the sacred tourist teatowel and made into a druid and he said "

"I don't think I have ever felt English. I'm a passionate European and I'm passionately in support of devolution in Wales," said Mr Brunstrom.
"I don't think my wife understands this. She doesn't speak Welsh. She's not interested," he added.

At least one of them has some sense....


I suppose its too much to expect that this obnoxious creep would have refused the appointment, seeing as how he 'doesn't feel English'
Flat headed taffy tosser.

"I'm a passionate European"...gues his garda shops fly the EU banner instead of the Union Jack.

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