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I say Missus have you heard this one?

The hunt for British humour - Newspaper Edition - Times Online

“Garlic bread — it’s the future, I’ve tasted it” has been named the greatest one-liner in television comedy history.

With such Wildean epigrams being the nation's favourite what hope is there? I give up.



"Garlic bread" falls at the first hurdle.

Each one-liner had to be able to stand alone without being introduced by another character’s dialogue, and not be a comedy catchphrase.

But it comes from a routine in one of Peter Kay's live shows - about old peoples' lack of food experimentation. "What's that?" "I'm not eating that." Etc.

I'd say it's included in Phoenix Nights as an in-joke between Kay and his fans.

My favourite one liner from Phoenix Nights (technically the pilot) was Les Alanos drummer Les's "listen to this", bew bew, "that shits on a cow bell" in relation to the electronic tom toms he bought for "£20 off the car boot".

I used to buy shoes but not I don't.

"If we had some eggs, we could have bacon & eggs ... if we had some bacon"

Good gawd! the German "humour" was funnier.

Apparently having a rather unoriginal sense of humour can get you sacked from Orange now;


I still use the Blackadder line from time to time, to describe a nutcase. Priceless.

The rest are pretty feeble. No wonder you have to "hunt" for British comedy these days.

I still like the Blackadder line,

"Jane Harrington! Do you mean Jane "Bury me in a Y-shaped Coffin" Harrington?" - despite the fact that, if you think about it, it makes no sense whatsoever.

And my own...

Took my wife to the Scottish Islands for a holiday.
Oh, really? Iona?
I won her in a raffle

I think the line is funny in the context of his act - but this is OTT.

Was this a self-selecting vote? Like the one that got Michael Crawford into the top 20 Britons of all time after his fan club got together and voted hundreds of times.

My favourite - I'm as confused as a baby in a topless bar

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