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I don't mind them living next door - to you...

Headline - A million foreigners have settled in Britain since Labour came to power - Britain - Times Online

The cry has gone up 'Enoch was right'. Tosh. Immigration is good for Britain - Comment - Times Online

Magnus Linklater

Immigration has, by and large, been of enormous benefit to Britain. It has helped to transform our economy, enrich our cultural life, support our public services and improve our image abroad. It would be inconceivable to imagine our health or transport systems functioning without it. It fills a skills gap among doctors and teachers. It allows the nation’s corner shops to survive...

At the same time I am beginning to find the argument against multiculturalism tendentious — it plays too easily to the bias of racism, and it is manna for the British National Party; radicalised Muslims are not, by and large, immigrants — they are born and raised in Britain, their extremism owing more to events abroad than diversity in this country.

Of course Magnus Linklater is a proud Scot and Edinburgh resident - a bit like us here in the country we are largly ignorant of the effects of having "multicultural" neighbours - I wonder if he would be so gung-ho for immigrants if they lived next door to him?

Figure 2 shows the ethnic composition of selected cities in the UK. The cities with the greatest ethnic mix are London (71.2 per cent White, 10.2 per cent from Indian Sub-continent, 1.1 per cent Chinese and 17.5 per cent Other Ethnic Group) and Birmingham (70.4 per cent White, 18.5 per cent from Indian Sub-continent, 10.6 per cent from Other Ethnic Group). These are also the cities with the largest total populations.
Of the selected cities, Edinburgh is the least ethnically diverse (95.9 per cent White, 1.6 per cent from Indian Sub-continent, 0.8 per cent Chinese and 1.8 per cent Other Ethnic Group). Bath, Norwich and York all have white populations greater than 97 per cent.


"It would be inconceivable to imagine our health or transport systems functioning without it."

He is just talking tosh. So poor people from poor countries are subsidising our health and transport, well that doesn't seem very socialist to me.

What would happen if we cancelled world debt would we also have to do away with the NHS and transport?

Even with this subsidy they're still poor services.

I must confess I live in York which is 97% "hideously white" according to your figures (which are probably accurate). I think I can safely say I wouldn't mind living in a street of immigrants, that being said if they weren't prepared to adopt my three basic rules on cohesion and integration

1) Learn and speak English.
2) Respect and obey the rule of law.
3) Show some common sense. In other words don't be insular, you've come to England to live here and create a better life for yourself and your family. If you can't bear the English and think of us as untouchable infidels, why are you staying here?

Then they'd have to ask themselves if they wanted me living next door to them.

Years ago when people moaned about immigration they were told they were moaning because the immigrants were not white and they were therefore racist. Now the immigrants are white and from the same race as the majority of the UK population the calls of racism have not stopped.

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