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The Castle Cycle of Climate Change Theory

Numberwatch brings us news that the world is warming faster than we thought - to quote an email he received:

It's 0.023K per year, and that is increasing.
Please see: http://members.cox.net/rcoppock/Slope1952-2005.jpg

As Numberwatch says :"First, it behoves us offer congratulations. It does not fall to many of us to create a new scientific unit, but the measure of thermal acceleration in K century -2 appears to be quite unique. Let us hope that the International Organisation of Standards will do the right thing and name the new unit the coppock."

Then being the inquisitive chap I am I went to the source of the data and bunged it into a spreadsheet: Download Spreadsheet (I also added some CO2 numbers - sources in the spreadsheet).

The temperature records are from 1880 to 2005 for full years. And it shows a steady rise over that time with little sign of acceleration.

To compare the rate of warming I split the record into two halves 1880-1942 and 1943-2005. Out of interest the C02 concentration went from 292.3 in 1887 to 307.9 in 1943 (a very small rise) and then up to 374.61 in 2004 (a larger rise).

Here is the graph of the NASA data split as described - the Y axis is "GLOBAL Land-Ocean Temperature Index in .01 C - base period: 1951-1980"


Now isn't that strange - in one period CO2 hardly changed and yet the warming seems to be the same as the more recent 63 years. You don't suppose that there are other factors at work do you?

Now as every man and his dog makes wild claims about climate change let me claim that there is a 63 year cycle of warming and this is called The Castle Cycle of Climate Change Theory - book, television series, and world tour to follow....

UPDATED - the Spreadsheet now has the English Temperature record added which shows the same trend - 1691 to 1754 seems to be the fastest rising temperature 63 year record - beating even the most recent - what did The Royal Society make of that then?


The Royal Society will do what it has done for several years, continue the Global Warming scares espoused by Sir Robert May: check out http://www.numberwatch.co.uk/sir_robert_may_annotated.htm

It may be just a co-incidence that one of the main proponents of global warming, Dr Phil Jones from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at Univ. East Anglia,(UEA), is also a member of the R.S. He has worked with the "hockeystick Mann" on temperatures and is also responsible for much of the temperature series used in Hadley Centre modelling, which is the basis for much of the IPCC scenarios. I don't suppose he talks about his work to the R.S. though.

If you want consensus, you join other organisations or just set them up. The GW religion has just a basis:

In the beginning there was the CRU, and the land was cold. But it came to pass that the land became warmer and the elders took fright. Thus they begat the Hadley Centre which is part of the Met office which is part of the MOD. And they joined with others and begat the 'Igh Priesthood of Climate Change, (IPCC). And much funding was generated.

And so it came to pass that the Hadley Centre begat the Tyndall Centre at the UEA, which begat Tyndall satellite centres at other Universities and lo, much research funding was generated, and they sought guidance from the NGO's on how to communicate the horrors to come to the public, inviting them onto their advisory council.

And the Tyndall Centre also begat the European Climate Forum and invited the wise prophets of Greenpeace and WWF so that the world could be saved. To this end they did involve the DEFRA, the government chief scientist and the High Priest of the nation to transmit their words to the multitudes and WWF did tell the DEFRA the amount of allowable carbon emissions to save the planet and their words were put on TV by the DEFRA. And lo, much more funding was achieved.

And an edict went out that the populace would be taxed to save the planet and totem poles were erected on the mountains and hillsides to remind the citizens to be good and faithful to the new religion.

And the names of the same elders can be seen in the holy writ of all the new tribes and thus was consensus achieved and even more funding.

And the naysayers were vilified and struck down by the elders and darkness came upon the land.

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