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Never mind the bollocks - BBC blue pencil in action

BBC pulls show with joke about the Prophet - Britain - Times Online

A RADIO comedy show containing a joke about Rolf Harris drawing a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad has been pulled by the BBC because it was deemed too controversial.
The Franz Kafka Big Band, a comedy series commissioned for BBC Radio Scotland, has been withdrawn from the schedule after editors thought that jokes about Israel and Palestine and a sketch in which a cow flies into the World Trade Centre were inappropriate.
The BBC had billed the group’s second series as “sure to surprise even the most unshockable”, but said yesterday that it had asked the writers to rewrite some sketches.

I think we can guess at what sort of the comedy the BBC was pleased to put out to "surprise" the "most unshockable" - but it seems there is still one line that is too tough to cross....

Of course as the comics say:

Franz Kafka Big Band

All this, is, of course fabulous news as being banned by the BBC is a sure fire recipe for success!



How about a bit of Rolf?


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