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The BBC reports on "chipped bins"

BBC NEWS | UK | Chipped bins to promote recycling

Chips in bins which help councils charge for the weight of rubbish collected could be common across the UK within two years.

Three local councils are about to trial the chipped bins. ....

The weight of rubbish in each bin would be measured by equipment installed in collection trucks.

Mr Bettison said if councils get the go-ahead from government, the weighing schemes could be piloted within the next 12 months and commonplace across the country a year after that.

A Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) spokeswoman said the government is looking at a "range of options" to help the UK meet tough European landfill reduction targets.

She said the department has paid £5 million to councils to fund 40 pilot schemes, which include waste monitoring. ....

Privacy campaigners, however, are warning against the "chipped bin" scheme.

Simon Davies, founder of Privacy International, said he had grave concerns about the increasing use of tagging technology to gather information.

"Residents need to be aware that once they accept this there is no turning back," he added. "This just takes it to a new level."

So - "Go ahead" not yet given; councils not being named; cash being splashed and behind it all an EU directive - oh, and an assumption that "residents" will be consulted to give their go ahead!


I have just received a flyer through my door about these chipped bins. It is from my local council and states that 'The electronic chip only contains your address, it will not weigh, record or video the contents of your bin and we will not use this information to impose any fines or charges'. This is clearly a lie.
I think the scheme is a total waste of money. 1 bin is fine and it would be allot cheaper to employ people that can’t get jobs or that think it ok to live off benefits.
This country is disgraceful.

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