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More EU madness on Rubbish

Neil Parish MEP: News - What a lot of rot! Compost will go to landfill, rather than on the roses via Numberwatch

Pre(com)posterous changes to rules governing green waste will mean tonnes of compost will now have to go to landfill, rather than being spread on gardens and farms - leaving local authorities with the prospect of a multi-million pound fine from the EU for failing to meet recycling targets, Conservative agriculture spokesman in the European Parliament, Neil Parish MEP, has warned.

Until recently, once green waste had been shredded, composted and screened it was classified as 'product' and could be bagged and sold in bulk. However, recent changes now say the material is still waste and cannot be moved without significant additional paperwork. A gardener would now require three separate permits to store, transport and use the compost on his roses!

With costs set to spiral for compost processors, it is almost certain a vast amount of composted waste will go to landfill instead. As Green waste represents around 50 percent of the annual recycling tonnage, many Councils' recycling figures will effectively be cut in half at a time when the European Commission is already threatening the UK government with fines of up to £180 million for its failure to significantly reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

Sheer bloody madness yet again but it does highlight that the whole Rubbish Emergency which councils are proclaiming so they can bully the householders into line is a pure EU invention - we are not running out of landfill sites, recycling is not always the best option and restricting the official amount of rubbish one can disposes of only means it is dumped unofficially....


Having not lived in the UK for over 20 years, I am increasingly cynical of the benefits of EU Membership. I used to be fairly pro European, but I am not sure why you have to saddle yourself with these bizarre bureaucratic requirements dreamed up by mad civil servants. The management of waste is a challenge everywhere I have lived from the lack of space in Singapore, where almost everything is incinerated, to Manila, where there is no waste management system. Even here in Adelaide, most rubbish has to be trucked over 100 kilometres to a dump. At least they are very proactive in recycling and the management of green waste.

The more I read of the European Union, the more I feel that the entire thing not such a waste of time as a massive parasite on all member states.

The changes to trade haven't made trading with Europe any easier. Our economy hasn't been boosted by reams of moronic rules and regulations; indeed the general effect has been to depress our economy and that of the countries we were supposed to be trading with.

Our agricultural system is crippled by the EU. Industries are hamstrung, and the military hobbled by daft rules, and the recycling and waste laws are frankly laughable.

I see no benefits, but I see lots and lots of costs, which the paltry crumbs that the EU deigns to hand back to us are no compensation for at all.

To cap it all we're being overrun by immigrants eager to take up the work our feckless moronic underclass (crippled by decades of excessive welfare state) are unwilling to do.

Let's just get out.

Let's secede from the EU, sort out our tax system (and boot out the legions of eastern europeans we're unwillingly hosting) and reinvigorate our economy to boot.

And let's film the French when we tell them we're doing it. This will all be worth it just for the look on the parasitic bastards' faces.

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