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Who paid for Kennet's Bin Bugs

Councillor Chris Humphries, Leader of Kennet District Council, boasted that the new bugged wheelie bins had external funding:

"The Council has been very successful in obtaining external funding in the provision of these new services.
Almost all of the capital costs have been provided by external sources and partnership. This way of working has funded most of the Councils operational costs."

But he didn't say who or why they were funded. Has Kennet District Council done a secret deal with Defra?

BBC NEWS | UK | Bugged bins to promote recycling

A Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) spokeswoman said the government is looking at a "range of options" to help the UK meet tough European landfill reduction targets.
She said the department has paid £5 million to councils to fund 40 pilot schemes, which include waste monitoring.


An FOI request will tell you who paid for it.

There is a very simple way to increase recycling but of course British governments at all levels refuse to use anything that is NIV (Not invented here). Several American states have a 5 cent deposit on soft drink and beer bottles & cans. Supermarkets are required to refund this deposit when you return the empties. Of course the supermarkets all screamed and squealed about these laws but they work. Machines have been developed and installed in the supermarket parking lots which count the number of bottles etc. and print out a receipt. You take this into the supermarket and get your money back, or a discount off a purchase.

The added benefit is that there is a lot less litter in the streets because kids, etc. collect it!

My house overlooks a sports ground and I can see probably 20 or 30 pop cans - a 5p deposit on these would make them disappear.

Deposit on returning pop bottles? In the 60's and 70's here in Britain I supplemented my pocket money by doing just that. Not that much new under the sun, son.

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