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Opting out of Junk Mail

BBC NEWS | UK | Junk-mail tip postman faces sack

A postman who advised people how to stop junk mail being delivered to their home could lose his job after bosses suspended him for misconduct.

If you want to follow my example of being green and cutting down on waste then here's the official badly formatted form to fill out and post back - no interwebbie stuff for them!

(See I'm really very environmentally friendly - or is it I just hate the rubbish? And I think I won't "miss important information from local, national or government publications that are sent using this service" too much.)

| ‘Stop Door to Door’ Confirmation Form |

| To:| Door to Door Opt Outs |
| | Royal Mail Door to Door |
| | Kingsmead House |
| | Oxpens Road |
| | OXFORD |
| | OX1 1RX |
| | |
| From:| |
| Address:| |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| Postcode:| |
| | |
| Reference:| Request to stop Door to Door mail being delivered to my address |

I confirm that I have read and fully understood your letter advising me of the implications of “Opting-Out” of receiving deliveries of Royal Mail unaddressed ‘Door to Door’ items to my address.

I understand that I may miss important information from local, national or government publications that are sent using this service.

From time to time, Royal Mail would like to contact you with information about our products and services that may be of interest to you. If you do not want to be contacted, please tick here.


Signature: Date: /

These are the official notes -

As a company we are quite happy to put the wheels in motion to arrange the cessation of these deliveries to your premises but before doing so, I need to make you fully aware of the implications of “Opting Out” and once you have considered these, get your final written authorisation to cease deliveries of this nature.

The main areas to be considered are:

· This service only relates to unaddressed mail. Mail bearing your address and “To the Occupier” or any other generic recipient information, Royal Mail is still legally obliged to deliver.

· It is not possible for us to separate advertising material and information that you may want, such as leaflets from Central and Local Government and other public bodies. Opting out from Royal Mail Door to Door stops all unaddressed items.

· Opting out means no one at the Delivery point will receive mail of this nature, is this acceptable to everyone inhabiting the property?

· If you simply want to reduce the amount of direct mail addressed in full to yourself you can do so by registering with The Mailing Preference Service. They can limit or reduce targeted direct mail by up to 90%. To obtain an information pack please contact them at:

MPS, DMA House, 70 Margaret St., LONDON, W1W 8SS


If you still wish to Opt Out of receiving Door to Door, please complete the form enclosed and return it to the above address and we will process your request. Every effort will be made to prevent the delivery of Door-to-Door items by Royal Mail. Exceptionally, if relief staff are used, an occasional delivery may occur.

Please be advised that it may take up to 6 weeks or more for the implementation of unaddressed mail to not be delivered by Royal Mail.

Finally, there are, a number of other companies that deliver material through your letterbox. We have no control over their actions. Again, the Mailing Preference Service, can offer advice on firms operating in your

Yours sincerely

Barbara Miller


And then we have to pay to have all this rubbish taken away

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