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BambiBurger time

Extended deer cull would put orphan fawns in hunters' sights - Britain - Times Online

RELAXED rules on deerhunting will bring more marksmen into the countryside as the wild deer population continues to soar. ...

Barry Gardiner, the Biodiversity Minister, said that wild deer populations were growing rapidly in parts of the country despite annual culls, and as a result the animals are causing millions of pounds’ worth of damage to agriculture.

He said: “They are damaging some of our most threatened woodland habitats. In addition, they are presenting an increasing hazard on our roads, with more than 300 people injured each year in deer-related road accidents.”

If the proposals become law, the close season will be shortened by a fortnight and licensed killing of deer will be permitted even during protected periods “to prevent the deterioration of natural heritage or to preserve public health and safety”.

“Any reasonable and humane means” to destroy deer suffering from injury or disease will be permitted, and dependent young could be killed if their mother has died.

All sensible stuff - we certainly have had a huge increase in Deer numbers here.

A spokesman for the Defra-funded deer initiative said: “Changing farming patterns and the Government’s policy of increasing forest cover have increased the available food and habitat. Climate change has meant we haven’t had a severe winter since about 1963, so everything’s going their way.”

Of course - got to get the obligatory "it is all the fault of climate change" in there somewhere...

UPDATE - on opening the curtains this morning this is what I saw through the drawing room window...


Do you need a lodger, I currently have to drive at least 5 miles for anything bigger than a fox!

... deer-related road accidents?
Can't we just revoke their licences?

So... why didn't you pop the thing with your .357 lever rifle?

TE - it would be illegal to do so, not enough foot poundage to be used on deer officially! 1700 ft/lbs muzzle energy is the legal minimum.

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