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Old New London Street Cries - The Data Seller

Telegraph | News | Royal Mail targets junk at those already stressed by moving home

Customers who move house and use Royal Mail's redirection service are being bombarded with junk mail because the postal group is selling its customer information to businesses.
The organisation describes the names, addresses and moving dates of customers who sign up for the £35-a-year service as a "unique data source" for direct-marketing companies...

A spokesman said that customers are given the opportunity to tick a box when they fill in the redirection form, if they do not want to receive the mailings.

The group is already under fire for making it difficult for customers to opt out of junk-mail services.

That is why I made the form for opting out of Junk Mail available here - took me ages to find out how to get it out of the bastards.

Opt-out is not acceptable - unless I'm a moron and say "please send me stuff" I do not want it - how can I make this any clearer without having to personally stuff the unwanted junk up Adam Crozier's arse?

(Suggestions for any other updated Old London Street Cries gratefully received)


In Australia, the Government is finally going to put in place a do not call register for pesky direct marketers. My suggestion to them was that they should have an opt in register for all the families who enjoy getting annoying direct marketing calls when the kids are screaming and the food is burning. Seems very sensible to me.

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