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BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Peter Jackson to film Dam Busters

The Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson is to remake classic British war film The Dam Busters, he has told film industry trade paper Screen Daily.

Or maybe

Telegraph | News
(Filed: 09/12/2005)
Sir David Frost is to re-make the British classic The Dambusters, complete with the original Eric Coates music.

Or here is an even better idea, why don't they go away and make a new film and leave the classics alone - I doubt they can create the subtle build up of the story and devise the only moment in films that grown Englishmen admit to blubbing to - when the dog, whatever it is called, is killed.


Why don't they ever make a film of the Battle of Hastings? Harold Godwinson was the perfect hero, William the Conq (or the bastard as he was popularly known also)the perfect villain, and the housecarls probably some of the bravest and toughest fighters the world has ever seen. Even the Vikings were worried about meeting them face to face, and the Battle of Stamford Bridge proved they had every reason to worry.

I have to confess , I shed a tear when that lab "afican american" was cruely run down by a motor vehicle.

The black dog was actually called the "n-word". I bet they don't remake that bit!

Re- the dog, do you mean Lassie or old Shep? :) E.

how can Socialists rewrite her-story without, rewriting history?

Expect to see a negro Flt Lt... gets insulted/patronised by overweight/skinny sneering english nco... knocks out said nco with single punch. Said Flt Lt saves the mission by disobeying orders by incompetent public school boy types with waxed moustache.

I think there are only two Lancs left flying in the world so they may have a few problems. I would have thought then Battle of Britain would have made a better remake if there had to be one.

I think there are only two Lancs left flying in the world so they may have a few problems.

CGI. I'm not usually a fan but did you see the hundreds of planes airbourne on D-Day in Band Of Brothers. Amazing.

Plus, why a remake is sorely needed. (May contain traces of sarcasm.)

The dog can still be called Nigger but he has to be 'reimagined' as a gangsta rapper.

Fo Shizzle!

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