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GM monster at wedding!

Telegraph | News | Gene therapy cures dying cancer men for first time

Gene therapy has eradicated cancer from two dying men using genetically modified versions of their own cells.

Mark Origer, 53, told The Daily Telegraph last night how, after five years of losing the battle with the disease, he was made well enough to attend his daughter's wedding last year.

"She wanted me to be there for her and she wanted me to be there for me," he said.

Mr Origer was diagnosed with melanoma — the most aggressive form of skin cancer — in 1999.

A cyst which grew on the same area of his back in 2002 was found to have malignant cells and the cancer continued to spread until, in June 2004, it was found in his liver. He underwent various chemical and surgical treatments, but none was found to stop the spread of cancer.

In December 2004, he was given the gene therapy and was discharged the same month. By January 2005, his tumours had shrunk by half and by last September, when he attended his daughter Katie's wedding, one small spot remained in his liver which surgeons removed.

Last week, doctors pronounced him completely clear of cancer cells.

What great news - but I suppose as a walking talking GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) he will be banned from entering Austria, France, Germany, Luxembourg and Greece, and maybe he won't be signing up to this campaign - Say no to genetic engineering | Greenpeace International

Lisa Weatherley, a spokesperson for Greenpeace UK, says, "Greenpeace opposes all releases of genetically modified organisms into the open environment because of their risks to the environment, eco-systems and health."

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