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Where's the beef?

Mirror.co.uk - News - BEEFY BOVRIL BACK

MUCH-loved beverage Bovril is to have beef stock as its main ingredient once again.
It went vegetarian in 2004 after the export ban on British beef.
Now, following the lifting of restrictions, owner Unilever is replacing the yeast mix.
It said: "I'm sure its fans around the world will be 100 per cent behind this.
"Once the export ban had been lifted, there was never any doubt the beef would go back into the drink."
Unilever added: "There will not be a vegetarian version."

All good news but I smell a Porkie - it was on 27 March 1996, the European Commission imposed a worldwide ban on the export of beef and cattle from the UK but they carried on making Beefy Bovril until November 2004. Methinks that the ban had nothing to do with it (especially as they were using liquid cow from outside the UK). No what we have here is a failed marketing idea up with "New Coke". The luvvies thought we were all turning veggie and Halal and sales have dropped.

Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Bovril drops the beef to go vegetarian
November 19, 2004
....a rise in vegetarianism and concerns about the religious dietary requirements.
"We think we can grow sales for the new, non-beef drink in the export market, particularly in Asia," said the spokesman.
"In Malaysia they stir it into porridge and coffee, but the government there has been becoming quite restrictive on non-halal meat. Overall, our export market used to account for 20% of sales but it has dropped to seven percent."

So having abandoned us Beefeaters for the veggies and Halal market they now realise their mistake.
Luckily I have a couple of jars of the original left in the Larder, I will report back with a taste test.


I bought up every bottle i could when I read it was going veggie , I still have about a dozen left, all ou of date but I would say from the look of it its good for at least 50 years

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