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Dum Dum Da-da-dada Dum Dum-da-dadum

Hollywood updates history of Battle of Britain: Tom Cruise won it all on his own

The 'Top Gun' star is making a new film glorifying American Billy Fiske as the hero of this country's 'finest hour'. But veterans say that, though a remarkable man, Fiske died without shooting down a single plane.

Yes a remarkable man
- Billy Fiske - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Speaking to The Independent Bill Bond of the Battle of Britain Historical Society argued that whilst Fiske was a remarkable character it was important to remember that he recorded no confirmed kills. "It is going to be a farce if we have the Yanks shooting down everything in sight, the battle was four weeks old when Billy was shot down. He made several sorties but he didn't shoot anything down, and his impact on the battle was negligible. We are concerned."

All together now - Dum Dum Da-da-dada Dum Dum-da-dadum...


Talk about propaganda, lies and rewriting history, how about this from the normally sensible Telegraph..

"After touching down in Mashhad, a tyre on the Russian-made Tupolev 154 exploded"... "American sanctions limit Iran's ability to purchase spare parts"

American sanctions cannot prevent Russian spare part sales. Iran has no problem buying Russian arms. According to the SIPRI, Iran has legally purchased SA-10, SA-20 from Russia. 75 SA-15s in 2005 alone.

Someone get on to someone at the Telegraph and get someone sacked for lying.


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