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Wikid Boy Miliband

Via Guido, and The Devil's Kitchen: Wikid this is just priceless! Our noble but bat-shit mad Davey Miliband has set up a Wiki to draw up an Environmental Contract (or is that just Mental Contract?), and currently you don't have to register to make alterations.

Ah Diddums he has taken his ball away and locked the Wiki so we can't play.. but here is the last version I saw - it is the best thing I have read on the net for ages - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (and I have kept a copy in case it disappears.)
EnvironmentContract - JotSpot Wiki (defra)

Do you think he will open it up to users again?


It's gone now, luckily I got there in time and have a copy too.

Can't stop wondering where I'm going to get an Owl Magnet from now!

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