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Coldest August this millenium

So, was it a washout... or one of the best summers of our lives? - Britain - Times Online

WE SO sweltered in July that we complained about the heat, then we moaned again as a wet August brought us back down to earth and we felt like we were drowning.
But despite the gloom, August was warmer than average...
It was a huge shock to crash from a sweltering average 17.8C (64F) in July to 16.1C (61.0F) in August

16.1 degrees to add to our spreadsheet for Central English Temperatures - and yes that justifies my alarmist headline.
The average August Temperature for the years 2000 - 2006 are: 16.6 16.8 17.0 18.3 17.6 16.2 16.1


While we're talking statistics.
Just seen on the BBC's Test The Nations I.Q. program, a scrolling banner at the bottom of the screen saying "1 in 50 have an I.Q. in the top 2%"


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