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Peace in our time

Best defence against terrorism is a split with US, say voters - Britain - Times Online

Three fifths (62 per cent) agree that “in order to reduce the risk of future terrorist attacks on Britain the Government should change its foreign policy, in particular by distancing itself from America, being more critical of Israel and declaring a timetable for withdrawing from Iraq”. Women (66 per cent) and Liberal Democrat voters (74 per cent) agree with this view particularly strongly.
Nonetheless, a similar proportion of voters (63 per cent) believe that “Muslim extremists hate democracy and the Western way of life, and if Britain’s foreign policy were different they would find another excuse for their terrorist activities”. This is a widely held view, backed by two thirds of Labour and Tory voters, but only just over a half (53 per cent) of Lib Dems.

Make of that what you will, our future leaders will take it as a vote for appeasement and responding to the muezzin's adhan.


Evidence, if it were needed, that Britain's Defence should be run by women and Lib Dem voters.

if Britain’s foreign policy were different - I keep hearign that [insert country-name] "foreign-policy" is to blame - so I must assume it's Britain's support for Israel which is the code-word? Because it can't be that the Muezzins are calling on the vegetable-exports from Cyprus to be reduced.

After slashing the defence budget by a third, Labour complains other nations arent doing their share.

Bit like the spanish socialist party. After giving amnesty to illegal invaders, they are being swamped by even more. They blame EU countries for not helping ou.

Socialists create problems, then blame others for not helping out.

Surely the conclusion here is that we should tell the Yanks, the Israelis and the Islamists all to fuck off, and then stop supporting any of them in their pointless, murderous squabbles?

Or would that be insufficiently gung-ho for you lot?

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