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Takes me back

It doesn't get much better than this:
Tompkinson's Schooldays pt 1 pt 2 and pt 3.


Lots of scotch, irish and russian flags at the proms.

Are English flags banned?

Funnily enough I bought this (Ripping Yarns DVD thingie) for hubbie-type person at Christmas. It should be subtitled; "How to make friends with your husband and influence him" :) E.

Takes me back to the days of enforced cross country runs followed by a lukewarm shower in a converted cow shed under the watchful gaze of "jock" McCaig the homosexual under games master who once represented GB in the olympics at gymnastics, he used to like to "playfully" pat us on the arse after swimming, I complained to my mother, she told the headmaster and he shrugged it off, how times change.

5th grade in boarding school...our Dispensery was exactly like the Sanitorium.

I still prefer Molesworth...

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