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"I am the Law"

Via Tim W

Telegraph | News | Mother fined for swearing at gang of trouble-makers

Sergeant Neil Haley, from West Yorkshire police, defended the force's actions. He said: "We appreciate that anti-social behaviour can be frustrating for people but they should not take the law into their own hands."

Good little proles should not take an active part in their community trying to make a better place to live, they should lock themselves in their homes and let the men in uniform keep them all warm and cosy.
Once upon a time the Police were there to help the community keep order not to be a total replacement for ordinary people doing the right thing, but that was then and this is now. A spyed on, swabbed and tagged herd of cattle at the whim of our masters, and they won't even allow us bread and circuses without nanny's lecture..

If her swear word was worth £120 then I'm looking at a five figure sum for the blasting I gave a noisy party the other night....


When dealing with criminals allways take the law into your own hands and never call the police only then will you acheive justice.

The police beurocrazy has become PC infected and you will only be punished and the guilty rewarded.

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