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Ask the Family

Telegraph | News | Cameron outlines new tax measures to help the family

"Everything I would do in government would have to pass one simple test. Will this help families to do more of what they do?"

Er, everything? Good to see an emphasis on the family but don't overdo it Dave. There are other things politicians decide on apart from the domestic and there are some families who do things which we don't want them to do more of, otherwise there won't be a car not on blocks nor a crack-free street for miles.

As an aside is it just an ugly rumour that David Cameron and family were one of those annoying smug teams on Robert Robinson's Ask the Family? I can see him now with his little fat eager face, rosy cheeks and greased down hair going "Mummy, Mummy I know that, it was Pitt the Younger". Nothing a good smacking round the back of the bike sheds wouldn't have put right.


I agree wuth the general thrust of your sentiments but is he not a tad young for that programme? BTW, I much preferredr Top of the Form.

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