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Community, Identity, Stability - Cameron's Brave New World

Maybe I was being a bit unfair here: An Englishman's Castle: Community, Identity, Stability - Blair's Brave New World - So to redress the balance...

David Cameron "I've spoken about community. Today I want to talk about the third vital part of our identity."

The Cameron Leadership Blog Archive » David Cameron: "a sense of national identity is becoming more, not less, important."

BBC NEWS | Politics | Speaking from India, Mr Cameron said: "If you have a choice, then stability must come first.

SparkNotes: Brave New World: ..its guiding motto: “Community, Identity, Stability".


You know, on relection, I think I prefer the motto of Vichy - "Work, Family, Country". It has meaning and is understandable. What does any of Cameron's vacuous nonsense actually mean (beyond a sound bite for the 6:00 News)

. . . on reflection . . . is what I meant to write

Umbongo, However, as work is nowadays considered selfishness, family equated with sexism, and country derided as 'tried' by the Nazis, we can safely say that any party going forth under such a slogan would be violating the Trade Descriptions Act.

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