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Breaking the nuLabour Blogging Law

Basic guide to political blogging: The Labour Party: securing Britain's future

How can I start blogging?

There’s lots of software on the internet that allows you to set up a blog. Here are two you might look at – they are established and widely-used.

Blogger.com ..WordPress,

Don't use either of those.

What makes a good blog?

* You should provide local answers to local questions and issues.

Nope - unless pointing out some suitable lamp posts and providing the rope for the Councillors is considered an answer.

* You should debate national and international issues.

Debate? - No, I rant - debate is when you want to hear someone else's point of view - I don't.

* You should promote contrary and interesting opinions - a personality, or sense of humour, helps!

Gratuitous use of exclamation marks doesn't a comic make - I bet you are the sort who has a "you don't have to be mad to work here, but it helps" sign in their cubicle.

* You should avoid personal attacks.

Bollocks, you spotty-faced scrawny wonk.

* You should avoid being wholly negative.

How else can you talk about Gordon Brown?

Some other advice

As a general rule, using a blog to mount attacks on one's political opponents is very unattractive to readers, and should be kept to a minimum – unless it can be done with great style and wit! Criticism has its place, but appearing too negative, or too partisan can reduce your credibility.

That is why no one reads this then.

* Personal articles are fine. Swearing is a no-no, and late-night blogging may not seem such a good idea in the morning.

Bugger another nuLabour guideline I'm breaking. No wonder they are so good at it.


>using a blog to mount attacks on one's political opponents is very unattractive to readers

They really don't get it, do they? Hahahahahahahahah. Cheers, Englishman, Guido et al.

What a silly twat, probably has an "inspirational" poster in his cube too, next to the Garfield-level humor.

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