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ID cards - another reason against

Mistakes in identity | The Register

No system works perfectly all the time, but for something as fundamental as being able to prove who you are and get access to what you’re supposed to be able to do, we need to set things up so there’s a fall-back plan.

Breaking your identity up into pieces is good for security...

Read the rest for a reasoned argument - just don't tell the clowns in Whitehall who think a central database and card are a better idea..


You are impressed by a screed that includes cash payment as a subset of on-line transactions?

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I suspect in this case 'cash' was being used as a real world illustration of 'anonymous financial transaction', a concept that is difficult to replicate in an online world.
When you pay for things online you tend to leave a trail - credit card details, paypal account etc - rather than a 'cash' transaction where your identity/credit would be verified by a trusted service and the seller need never know who you are.

TC writes, including:
??? "real world illustration"
??? "online world"

I manage to pay on-line (with mutually acceptable guarantee, though not anonymously on either side) for things that then get delivered to my house or otherwise to my satisfaction.

If there is any way in which my payments for same could be moved out of the "real world", I think TC might have a winner on his hands.

Pending that great success, would people view me as unkind if I just labelled TC's comment above as blather?

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Fascinating. The whole point is the anonymous nature of the transaction.

Not all online transactions involve things being delivered to your door.

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