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Roger and Out

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Obituary: Raymond Baxter

Raymond Baxter, who has died at the age of 84, was the face of Tomorrow's World for 12 years, bringing science and technology to generations, but his versatility also saw his commentary skills sought for sports and state occasions.

These included the annual Festival of Remembrance, the funerals of Sir Winston Churchill and Lord Mountbatten of Burma, and the 1953 Coronation...

He competed in the Monte Carlo rally and during World War II he flew Spitfires. He was twice mentioned in despatches.

It was Baxter who described Concorde's first flight. He was the first to broadcast live from an aeroplane, an ocean-liner and a submarine under water.

Born and brought up in Ilford, Essex, he joined the RAF in 1940 at the age of 18, and became a squadron leader.

Tomorrow's World was my favourite program for many years - in fact I still think of Thursdays as being a "good day": Tales of the River Bank when I was younger, growing up through Blue Peter, Tomorrows World and Top of The Pops. With him gone a part of my childhood has gone, and without his voice commentating on Remembrance Day or a Flypast a connection with a greater generation has been extinguished.


And not only part of our childhood - a part of a better, more decent Britain goes with him.

Tomorrows World, TOTP, Man From U.N.C.L.E

Happy Thursdays ...

Yes, same here. Same Thursdays, lol.

I entirely agree with your sentiments about Raymond Baxter and Thursdays. I loved Baxter's voice as well as some of the other presenters: the brunette, the blond guy with the Rolex who was also on Top Gear et al.

Sunday night was of course quite depressing and the BBC's adaptation of the Forsyte Saga did nothing to alleviate my infant angst. Only truancy did that.

Monday nights were much better: Daktari, Z Cars, Bobby Gentry, Alias Smith and Jones and Banacek if my memory serves me right and a curry if we were really lucky thanks to Mum RIP.

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