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Failed the shibboleth

Iain Dale's Diary: EXCLUSIVE: The Top 100 Conservative Blogs - nope I'm not there, nor in the top Labour or top Lib Dem lists... will I make the non aligned list?

UPDATEIain Dale's Diary: EXCLUSIVE: The Top 100 Non Aligned Political Blogs

I creep in at Number 40 - that is 39 people off my Christmas card list straight away. As I tell my children show me a good loser and I will show you a loser. But my respect goes to Iain for having waded through so many blogs - my patience would have been gone after about four of them...


Number 88 on the list of the non-aligned (despite being a Tory Party member...) salutes Mr 40! Perhaps Iain (Blessings be upon him) got confused with your age rather than your status....

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