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Note to DC - Tax cutting modernising right winger wins election

Swedes turn to Right to reshape role of the state - Newspaper Edition - Times Online

SWEDEN’S centre-right alliance won a narrow general election victory to end 12 years of Social Democrat rule last night after a campaign dominated by the future direction of Europe’s most generous welfare state.

Fredrik Reinfeldt, the youthful right-wing leader likened to David Cameron for the way he dropped traditional policies to modernise his party, saw off the veteran Göran Persson, Europe’s second longest- serving Prime Minister....

Mr Persson had raised fears that the so-called Swedish Model, built on the back of his Government’s high-tax regime, would be dismantled by the Right, but Mr Reinfeldt insisted that he would simply repair and modernise it. He also promised income tax and property tax cuts and a dose of privatisation.

The Social Democrats had governed Sweden in all but nine of the past seventy-four years.....

The Tory party wonks will be wet with excitiment as they crawl over these results looking for the key - I could save the party lots of money in researchers fees, the words are "tax-cutting"..

UPDATE - I notice Iain Dale is ahead of me -but then he does it at night when I'm a morning man myself...

How to win an Election

Promise to cut taxes and curb the welfare state. Simple, isn't it? Look at the Swedish election result tonight. The Conservative opposition won tonight after twelve years out of power.


Since I live In California does this mean that the sun is not coming up tomorrow?

Well, since its 12:20 PDT I guess the world didn't spin of its axis and plunge into the sun after all.

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