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Bush and I agree on this.

The Scotsman - I can't eat broccoli, mum, it's my genes

SCIENTISTS have discovered just why it is so hard to get some children to eat their greens: some people, it seems, are genetically programmed to find vegetables such as broccoli more bitter than others.

The reason is that evolution has prejudiced them against foods that contain a compound called glucosinolate, which interferes with iodine getting to the thyroid gland.

A lack of iodine can cause mental and sexual problems as well as a condition called goitre...In tests, people with a certain genetic make-up found some vegetables, such as broccoli, turnips and watercress, about 60 per cent more bitter than others....The former US president, George Bush, famously disliked broccoli....

ScienceDaily: Natural Selection At Work In Genetic Variation To Taste

Date: June 28, 2004
SALT LAKE CITY - A genetic variation seen worldwide in which people either taste or do not taste a bitter, synthetic compound called PTC...People who can taste PTC are less likely to eat cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli...The ability to taste or not taste PTC was discovered in 1930..

I can't stand broccoli, cabbage, sprouts, radishes etc. and have known about these taster genes for ages so why the new press release? The children are force fed broccoli by their mother so I'm not sure if they have inherited it or not, but then they haven't inherited my eye colour or hair colour.. in fact they don't even look anything like me......


Doesn't an overactive thyroid make you fat (or make you feel compelled to eat which if you give into makes you fat) and that same gland now sends messages to your brain to say "don't eat broccolli, it's horrid" Perhaps this 'new' theory isn't the utter hookum it sounds after all.

The solution to non-green vegtable eating children is simple, buy a food mixer, cook up the greens, blend, heat a little more and you have made soup. Tell children it is snakes blood and watch them mop it up.

I have that "problem" with lima beans - they dry my mouth out like eating bitter talc.
Other greens are fine, except for the local spinach...! Ha! Farmworkers pooing in the field is what got the e.coli going.

Both my husband and his son hate any green vegetables, except green beans,peas or lima beans. They call themselves "supertasters" and are pleased that the science is finally backing them up. I didn't really need for them to have another reason to feel superior.

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