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Buff Hoon waves white flag to French

Telegraph | News | Ministers abandon Britain's EU veto
By Toby Helm and Leo Cendrowicz
(Filed: 20/09/2006)

Ministers were accused last night of planning to abandon Britain's EU veto over sensitive justice and home affairs matters in a move that would see parts of the European constitution introduced "by the back door".

David Davis, the shadow home secretary, said he was "astonished" that such a move was even being considered, after Geoff Hoon, the Europe minister, refused to rule out moving to majority voting in decisions on EU police and judicial co-operation.

In a furious letter to John Reid, the Home Secretary, Mr Davis said: "To surrender the veto would directly contradict the pledge given by the former foreign secretary that 'there is no plan, proposal or intention to slip elements of the constitution through the back door'."

He added: "Retaining the national veto over policing, our courts and our criminal laws is vital to the UK national interest and to the rights of British citizens."

"Roll me over In the clover, Roll me over, lay me down And do it again..." The long surrender continues, there used to be a waterside gate at the Tower of London for people such as these, can we unblock it?


That is so thoroughly evil, the Tower is too good for them, where's the rack and all that other cool medieval stuff.

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