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Make Love Not War

Some whining Cambridge Greenie is complaining that Iain Dale (PBUH) ignored alt.politics blogs in drawing up his Big Boy's Bouncy Book of Blogs - a quick flick through said East Anglian's scribbles - The Daily (Maybe) - brings me this, which illustrates in one picture far better than any number of pontificating articles the love that dares not speak its name behind Greens, anti-war, anti-capitalism, anti-whateverism:




She's um not wearing much there! Which is good.

She has got the hugest hands? Which isn't so good!

Why is that spade-handed woman nuzzling that huge-headed man?

She's lost her glasses.

Greens are watermelons, red on the inside - so let's see some more of her melons.

Be cautious, Mr.Lenin isn't burried yet!!! He might like it!!! :)hehehe

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