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All your people are belong to us

Telegraph | News | Britain 'must give EU more power in war on terror'

The only way for Britain to be safe from terrorism is to surrender its national veto over new European Union laws covering cross-border police and judicial co-operation, the EU's leading justice official said last night.

Franco Frattini, EU commission vice-president for justice, liberty and security, said that the requirement to reach unanimous agreement among all 25 member states was holding up key new initiatives and putting British lives at risk.

It was time to put aside "national jealousies", said Mr Frattini, a former Italian foreign minister. It was time to allow Europe's national police forces, secret services, court systems and prosecutors to leap over frontiers and borders when in pursuit of terrorists, organised criminals, paedophiles and other serious offenders, which the EU says includes those guilty of racism and xenophobia.

I suppose I will accused of xenophobia if I express a hestitation in welcoming magistrates from Naples, rozzers from Paxos and spooks from Madrid to spy, arrest and judge Her Brittanic Majesty's Subjects - I hope my cell has a decent view over the Med...


Couldn`t they arrest Gloucestershire Constabulary for racism?

wouldn`t they be able to arrest Gloucestershire Constabulary for racism?

Mr E. following your previous comments about Chirac, it will be the Bastille for you

I hate the words European and EU. Europe is a continent not a country, never has been never will be. All this political manouvering will only bring about economic collapse at the least, war at the worst.

We will have to go in once more and sort it all out as we have done over the years. These countries that say we want greater unity etc etc only want us for one thing and that is our money.

All of our so called trading partners and friends on the continent shaft us every chance they get. We have managed for centuries without their help and we can manage just as well now.

So to keep Mr E company in the Bastille I say good riddance to the Krauts, Frogs and Iti's

On this side of the pond, racism and xenophobia are not criminal offenses. Whatsa' matter you?!

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