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Failing Whelk Stall owners seek Taxpayer support

Labour wants taxpayers 'to foot the bill for party's cash shortfall' - Britain - Times Online

LABOUR wants taxpayers to plug a gaping hole in the party’s finances caused by a collapse in donations after the cash-for-peerages allegations.

Hazel Blears, the party chairman, told The Times yesterday that Labour, as the party of government, should get more public money to support political work.

Why am I surprised that the Party itself is now a welfare scrounger whining that the taxpayer should support it in the manner it has become accustomed. It is very simple; if people don't value a party enough to voluntarily pay for it then tough, it has failed in the marketplace of ideas. Don't come whining to me that I should have my money mulcted to support your pampered lifestyle, your friends and the expensive habits of your advertising gurus. Why because you can no longer count on living on the proceeds of (an alleged) crime should honest people now have to pay?


Surely as the party of government they have less need of additional tax money, since their well-remunerated ministers could make substantial contributions from their generous salaries. Perhaps their backbench MPs could find it in their hearts to make a regular donation, too.

The list of HM Govt here has 118 names on it. Doesn't have salaries on it, but I'm sure they could all afford an average £10k annual donation to the party they love - that's over £1,000,000 a year which should help. And after all, that comes form the taxpayer anyway. Problem solved.

I sit open-mouthed in admiration of Blears's chutzpah. Bunco artists are content to fleece you, but even they don't ask to you to subsidise their booths in advance.

Never mind the corn-fed brandy-swirling MP's what of a the lackeys given 'employment' in quangos, think tanks and consulting. There must be an odd £500 million kicking around there. And where is the return investment from the ethnic minorities they've pandered to ( benefits for votes ? - surely not! ) for years? Surely another £500 million in cash is readily available under mattresses or buried in back gardens.

Nu-Labour is skint is it? It's just a verb to them, like 'fat' or 'bloated'. Skint is when you finally manage to get job but have to wait a month for first the wage and the 'benefits agency' can't/won't help ( box not ticked - see there ) and the kids are hungry and there's no food and you need to get work but can't afford to put petrol in the car. That's being Skint that is.

And Nu-Lab expect me open my wallet? Again? How much d'you want mate? wassatyousay?

Read my lips: Kiss My Arse then Fuck Off.

I wouldn't let any one of 'em look after my whelk stall if had to pop off for a quick piss.

Stupid Bastards.

That bitch is clearly mad or a crook, hands off our money you theiving labour bitch.

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