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Sue the bastards

FOXNews.com - Day of Reckoning for DDT Foes?

Last week’s announcement that the World Health Organization lifted its nearly 30-year ban on the insecticide DDT is perhaps the most promising development in global public health since… well, 1943 when DDT was first used to combat insect-borne diseases like typhus and malaria.

Overlooked in all the hoopla over the announcement, however, is the terrible toll in human lives (tens of millions dead — mostly pregnant women and children under the age of 5), illness (billions sickened) and poverty (more than $1 trillion dollars in lost GDP in sub-Saharan Africa alone) caused by the tragic, decades-long ban.

Much of this human catastrophe was preventable, so why did it happen? Who is responsible? Should the individuals and activist groups who caused the DDT ban be held accountable in some way?...

Business are often held liable and forced to pay monetary damages for defective products and false statements. Why shouldn’t the National Audubon Society, Environmental Defense, Sierra Club and other anti-DDT activist groups be held liable for the harm caused by their recklessly defective activism?...

In addition to the day of reckoning and societal rebuke that DDT-ban advocates should face, we should all learn from the DDT tragedy.

With the exception of Rachel Carson (who died in 1964), all of the groups and individuals above mentioned also promote global warming alarmism. If they and others could be so wrong about DDT, why should we trust them now? Should we really put the global economy and the welfare of billions at risk based on their track record?


You're very tolerant of Rachel Carson. If she was buried (rather than cremated, say) why not have her exhumed and have her skull on a spike ouside the HQ of WHO as a warning to busybodies everywhere.
You can also put me down for a fiver (OK I know I'm being over-generous but, hey, it's in a good cause) to finance personal cases against the anti-DDT activists, not just their organisations.

Why are you not blaming government, in its various forms, UN included.

They are the people with the responsibility.

The world is full of cranks: it's believing them when in a position of responsibility (to act right) that is the crime.

Best regards

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