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Glos Police guilty of racism

Follow up and a result on a story we have covered before.

Times Online

A POLICE force that rejected 108 potential recruits because they were white men has admitted positive discrimination and agreed to pay compensation.

Gloucestershire Constabulary said that it had been trying to increase diversity with its policy of selecting women and candidates from ethnic minorities. But at an employment tribunal in Bristol yesterday, the force admitted that its actions were unlawful and agreed to pay compensation to one potential recruit. Further claims from the other 107 men, who were told by the force that they had been “randomly deselected”, could now follow.

Clive Tomer, chairman of the tribunal, said yesterday that Gloucestershire Constabulary had been “at the very least disingenuous and at worst misleading”.


Recently, a fat doris got 200k for a twisted ankle.

Police management have acted illegally, they should be sacked.

Each and every one of the 108 recruits who were rejected on basis of race should seek legal redress. This must be done to restore confidence in the Police.

The ball must start rolling if Sanity is to be restored to the UK.

Discrimination is discrimination. Whether it is positive or not depends which end of it you are on. So called 'positive' discrimination is demeaning to those who would have made the grade any way, insulting to those who are pushed aside and leaves the public with a substandard police service.
You can't have it both ways, racism is either bad or it is not.

Gun Culture has it spot on.

Positive discrimination is something dreamt up by the political correct brigade to make it sound okay. It is not okay now and never will be.

Leave the Police and other organisations free to employ the right person for the job. If people from ethnic minorities (God I hate that term!) are not applying for vacancies that is their choice. Creating quotas is both demeaning and unethical.

We've known this was going on for ages and we've seen others get a slap for it. The question has to be can we cut this rot out or is it too deep?

Postive Discrimination = Legal Racism.

Postive Discrimination = Positive Racism

Police commiting illegal acts must be sacked and prosecuted

I don't know guys, perhaps you are being too negative.

This "Positive" notion could have other applications, once you think about it. Take any old bad thing and stick the word "positive" in front of it and you have a licence to get on with it.

I have been on a diet for a while and I am feeling hungry. I might go in for some positive gluttony today. Or maybe, as I am so heartily sick of Tony Blair's destruction of our ancient liberties, I might toddle over to Downing Street and give him the positive GBH he deserves?

What do you think?

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