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Kennet Council rubbish bin charging idea

Now Well Charge To Collect Plastic (from The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald)

KENNET District Council is facing another PR disaster in the wake of the chip in the bin fiasco by looking to charge for the recycling of cardboard and plastic.

That was the message delivered at a meeting of Kennet's community development executive committee,...Mark Smith, Kennet's director of environment and leisure services, told the meeting that the council is under pressure from its council tax payers to provide facilities to recycle cardboard and plastic.

But the council's current waste minimisation and recycling strategy precluded officers from offering the service, unless it paid for itself.

So what you will need is a way to do it, some sort of recording device on the bins, something like an electronic bug,.... but that is impossible as Councillor Chris Humphries, Lord High Leader of Kennet District Council, has said there are no bugs on Kennet Bins, and no plans to introduce them, and that people like me who found a reprogrammable read-write RFID chip hidden under the lip of our bins are deluded...


re-programmable eh? well, why not programme it to tell them to f(censored) off then?

If the chip is an RFID device, and is reprogrammable, then why not go round to the home of the stupid councillor who came up with the idea, read his RFID chip off then reprogram lots of other RFIDs to that number?

Nowhere in the council's contracts and agreements does it say that it is illegal to alter the RFID value, nor that it is illegal to have a different RFID, as far as I'm aware.

So, reprogram lots of chips, and let's see how long it takes the council to notice...

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