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I say Chaps, let's get serious.

EU Referendummakes clear his "irritation (which) also extends to the British political bloggers who seem quite content to follow in the wake of the MSM and prattle endlessly about exactly the same issues.

Often the humour and analysis is about the level one would expect of the 4th form of a second-rate boys boarding school and I have heard more intelligent comment from college students in fifth and sixth forms in the lectures I have been given to schools recently.

In a nutshell, the Tony and Gordon show is fluff – nothing is going to be decided immediately and much water is going to pass under the bridge before things come to a head. Meanwhile, we are a nation at war, we do have troops committed to a dangerous foreign venture and, if the material we have accumulated in this and our previous reports is at all representative of the situation, there is the potential for the situation to go seriously belly-up. In that case, over the winter, we could be seeing soldiers coming home in coffins in very large numbers.

He is quite right of course, I should show more maturity and bring you world class analysis of the important issues. But I haven't anything new to add to those, so pricking the pomposity of our glorious leaders seems to be as good of use of my time as any.

Besides having spent last night drinking in the pub with an old friend and ex-"terrorist", (a short jail term for an explosion outside a barracks), my exclusives on the war on terror would mostly consist of his accounts of getting through US customs and the snapping on of rubber gloves in the white tiled room you hope never to be lead to.....

UPDATE - It has just occurred to me to wonder if as old "Bomber" and I discussed the good old times that I had a rifle propped up against the bar with me might have been why that nice Australian couple seemed to leave the Pub in a hurry...


One might take Richard's complaint more seriously if he didn't tend to be such a pompous arse....

He (Richard) sort of has a point if you take a moralistic approach, my view is that people are free to write about what they want. You don't need to have a readership or cater for anyone, and he can no more tell me (or anyone) that one way of blogging is wrong than he can crticise any taste in whisky/whiskey. No one forces him to read blogs he doesn't like.

I write about what strikes me at the time. It is ultimately what I want to say, so it's personal.

EU Referendum is a very good blog, but I have neither the time nor inclination to ressearch stuff the way he does.

I'm no fan of the MSM, but why shouldn't I comment on their stories? For me the "beauty" of blogging is that you can publish your thoughts and views very cheaply, thereby setting them free as it were, into the cyber ether, most will die, but some may get picked up and influence thought and ideas elsewhere. If blogging were prescribed as Richard would like the'd certainly be far fewer blogs.

Well you would say that wouldn't you because you're on Ian Dales list

Was it the MArtini-Henry against the wall? I thought Aussies were a bit more stout than that.

TE - It was the Lee Metford as I had been shooting in the Range at the Pub

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